I'm painting, writing storyboards and satyrical stuff, drawing comics for youth magazines, illustrations for adult papers, making animations for TV shows and advertising for young and cool entrepreneurs as well as for elder and wiser ones.

Every year I'am going for about seven months to Pitigliano, a small town in southern Tuscany. There our international art group ventizerootto is organizing an exhibition every summer.

I used to stay in the Berlin Honk Studios for quite a long time working on various projects like the Kopf Hoch Calendar, the rAd ab! comic book and a lot of other publications mostly in the field of comic and cartoon business. Additionally we did jobs like the Käpt'n Blaubär-comics ("Captain Blue Bear" - strips for daily papers) for which I wrote the storyboards while Johann Kiefersauer and Graham Higgins did the artwork.
works (choice):

Animations for Mick's Tour, a kid's TV show with the piggie Mick. Comics with Mick for a youth magazine

Storyboards for animated films

Sketches for film

Storyboards for advertising for the Berlin water works

All storyboards for the Käpt'n Blaubär daily strips

Caricatures and comics for different papers and magazines (taz, Zitty, rAd ab etc.)

Illustrations for books and magazines (InSight, pr magazine, Skyline, Playgirl etc.)

Comics for an interior TQM campaign of Mercedes-Benz (text: Peter Petri, artwork: Bert Henning).

Artwork and texts for the comedy group Die Niegelungen (a Honk Studios cooperation)
Book publications: Nicht von Pappe (satirical book for those who want to get their drivers license) - Goldmann Verlag, Genug ist genug! - rAd ab! Verlag, Hochwürden, ich habe mir einen genoggert - édition trèves

Collaboration on various comic and cartoon anthologies

Lettering for the german edition of Gary Larson's strips

Comic and film classes for kids and youths

The aquaeduct and the castel of Pitigliano. Take a look on my Pitigliano-pages.